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Who we are

BA Glass is one of the main multinational glass packaging companies in the world.

Our annual production of over 11 billion bottles and jars - present in everyone's daily lives and found in more than 70 countries worldwide - is inspired by around 4.000 people in 8 countries and 13 different locations.

At BA, we believe in happiness, and we have a business model inspired by the group’s values (HEART - Humbleness, Emotion, Ambition, Rigour and Transparency), which are based on continuous innovation and internal entrepreneurship.


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billion containers


Our talent programs

At BA, we invest in attracting high potential people, through different talent programs, designed to accelerate the development of skills that are crucial for personal and professional growth.


We are committed to promote a close relation with students from the moment they start University, contributing significantly to their training by providing a diverse offer of programs that are aligned with every stage of their university career.


Aware that today’s young students are the leaders of tomorrow, we strive to work in partnership with educational institutions anticipating development and training needs within the academic community, even before reaching the labour market.


FUTURA program

The Futura Program aims to attract and integrate, within BA Glass Group, young talent with different educational  backgrounds, who aspires to develop behavioural and technical skills in an

industrial environment, with an extensive intercultural network.

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Trainee attributes
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Lorena Fernandez

Quality - León Plant

Futura Trainee 2018

This program has allowed me to know the real world of the industry, knowing in depth an industrial process and the amount of variables on which it depends.

It has helped me to grow as a person, to improve in many personal and professional aspects, to meet new people, new environments and adapt myself to different sorts of situations. With this program I have achieved a great technical knowledge and developed soft skills very useful in the future.

With all the new concepts acquired, after this program I would like to be able to perform effectively in a position in the company where I can continue learning and improving both personally and professionally, helping the company to get better results every day.



Rui Lopes

Quality - Avintes Plant

Futura Trainee 2018

Entering the Internship Program was definitely the best decision I’ve ever made.


Since the first day I got the opportunity to see how challenging it is to create a “simple” glass bottle or jar - way more than I had ever imagined.

It is an immersive experience inside the glass industry with the best professionals that undoubtedly boosted up not only my professional career but also my personal life. I feel valued and eager to retribute all the support that was given to me.

I really feel like BA gives everyone the perfect tools to grow professionally and personally, all you got to do is give your best and enjoy the ride!


The Futura Program has helped me to develop some soft skills such as problem solving and critical thinking, which are currently essential on a personal and professional level. As a broad engineering training program, it has given me the flexibility to integrate different projects in several areas of work. It was rewarding to step outside my comfort zone on a regular basis, helping me grow as a professional. In addition to the technical knowledge, the friendships and the network created were unique and complemented all the experiences lived throughout the program.

For the future, I hope to integrate a team that keeps on challenging me constantly, make use of the knowledge acquired and contribute with different ideas for the good performance of BA Glass.

Francisca Silva

Planning Department

Futura Trainee 2018

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